Avondale 1765


Michael and Helen Hecht have owned Avondale since April 2 1982. More information about the family is in the About Us area of this site. Avondale has been our home and a huge part of our business for many years. The Bed & Breakfast operation is closed at this time. We are still booking weddings and other out door functions. Please check our pictures in the Events area of this site. Helen is the master gardener and offers her expertise to the public. For gardening information see the Garden Services section. Michael has been in construction since 1977 and is available to handle any construction plans you might have. Pictures and more information is in the Home Improvement Services area. This Historic property is on the national register of historic places and was built in 1765 by Legh Master. To get more information on the property and Legh Master just click on History. If you would like to speak with Mike or Helen please proceed to Contact Us.